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THE BRIDGE CAREER CONSULTING Whether you are actively searching for a new job or exploring your long-term career trajectory, we’re here for you.

The Bridge Career Consulting

The Bridge Career Consulting was created because of the need to supply knowledge to young professionals that do not understand the transitional process from their native countries to another.


Help others accomplish their professional aspirations.

The Bridge Career Consulting was born because of a job seeker’s frustration. When Manuel Medrano found himself on the job hunt in 2015, he discovered that most companies were using powerful algorithms to recruit candidates. It wasn’t simple words on a paper required to get the job; it was beyond that. Knowing that he’d have to work on each case meticulously for each client to get noticed, he found The Bridge Career Consulting in New York City.

The Bridge CC its based-on New York City, in the capital of the world. That makes The Bridge CC unique because almost everyone is an immigrant from somewhere; it could be another country, state, or another continent. The Bridge knows how the labor market work.

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Help our clients to reach their potential.

While many resume writing service firms outsource their resume writing overseas, our entire team is in the United States. We value and understand what the U.S labor market looks out in a job seeker.

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Key Facts About the Bridge Career Consulting

Top College Degrees

All of our specialists have bachelor’s degrees from top colleges.

In-House Team

We do not use contractors, freelancers, or people overseas. We are a 100% full-service career-focused company.

High-Level Experience

All of our specialists have more than ten years of experience in the C-Level and Social Development Curriculum at the workplace.

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