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New York restaurant workers and owners massively protest authorities.

Hundreds of hospital industry workers gathered in Time Square today to demand that Mayor Bill de Blasio analyze how the actions taken by the mayor’s office and the state government are affecting and wiping out one of the largest industries in the world. New York City.

Many small business owners have incurred expenses estimated at thousands of dollars to comply with the city’s sanitary requirements due to the pandemic, making sacrifices, and even borrowing from family and friends to survive. Small business owners in the Washington Heights area, the heart of the Dominican diaspora in the United States, have commented that it is difficult enough to survive in the conditions they have been enduring and without receiving any financial aid for the same reason.

The owners are demanding immediate help for this sector that has been so hit; all this takes place when the first winter storm of the fall is expected in New York City, which could further aggravate these merchants’ losses.