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The Bridge CC Consulting

The Bridge CC

The Bridge Career Consulting was born because of a job seeker’s frustration. When Manuel Medrano found himself on the job hunt in 2015, he discovered that most companies were using powerful algorithms to recruit candidates. It wasn’t simple words on a paper required to get the job; it was
beyond that. Knowing that he’d have to work on each case meticulously for each client to get noticed, he found The Bridge Career Consulting in New York City.

The Bridge Consulting

The Bridge Career Consulting was created because of the need to supply knowledge to young professionals that do not understand the transitional process from their native countries to another. The founder, Manuel Medrano, has over five years of experience working with professionals at all career stages to help them have a better understanding of the transition, while at the same time building their confidence.


With a solid background in Latin America and the Eastern United States and also with an ECOSOC status at United Nations in New York City, Manuel is a top career specialist that uses his diverse experience to help others accomplish their dreams and his clients by strengthening their abilities t reach their full potential. Manuel holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management with a concentration in Human Resources. He currently works as a Socio-Economic Developer Specialist in the non-profit sector in New York. It was during this time he founded the Bridge Career Consulting.